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treat Store Artist Profile – Rachel Elliott

Rachael Elliott Glassworks specialises in making glass sculptures and jewellery. She became inspired to become a glass artist after discovering many talented artisans whilst traveling in New Zealand. On return Rachel studied a design degree in Architectural Glass at Edinburgh College of Art.

Working with Glass can be unpredictable but Rachel loves a challenge and this is what informs her design process. To make the sculptures stocked on the treat Store she uses a technique called WATER JET CUTTING. This alows her to cut sharp angles in the glass, creating her playful characters. These are then finished by screen printing enamels onto the surface which are then fired in a kiln.


WATER JET CUTTING has been around for over a century by using steam power to create the jets. Technology has advanced and now uses dangerously high pressure to stream a concentrated jet of water through a nozzle. It is mixed with abrasive garnet grit and then directed by the computer to cut the shapes.

Orange Paisley Fox £45

Orange Paisley Fox £45

Rachel Elliott, Flora Hedgehog £30

Flora Hedgehog £30

Rachel Elliott, Daisy Hare

Daisy Hare £30

To purchase any of these items or read more about Rachel Elliott and her work visit the treat store here.

All work is designed and manufactures at Rachel’s studio in Glasgow, all pieces are handmade limited editions.

Rachel was recently awarded a silver in the Glass category at this years awards from Craft and Design magazine.Well done! For her latest news keep updated at her Facebook page here.

Images courtesy of the artist and Lewis Matheson

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