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treat Store Artist Profile – Beth Lamont

Beth Lamont trained as a Jeweller at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.

Inspired by the clean form and touch of porcelain she uses ceramics as a medium to make her jewellery and objects. Beth uses a process called SLIP CASTING to create shapes from hand carved forms which she finishes off with a luxurious gold luster glaze.


SLIP CASTING is a ceramic making technique that involves making a plaster mold from a master. The master can be made from wood, clay or even plastic. It can also be hand carved, built or an already pr-existing item. Beth hand makes all of her own masters and molds in her Edinburgh studio. Liquid clay called slip is then poured into the mold until a desired thickness is reached, the remaining clay is then poured back out. The item is left to dry then is de-molded, finished with a glaze and then fired in the kiln.


Gold Lustre Pot £42 and Tea Lights £26 each


Gold Lustre Octagonal Pot £42


Octagonal Pot £36 and Tea Lights £20

To purchase any of these items or read more about Beth Lamont and her work visit the treat store here.

Recently Beth has been exhibiting her work at the latest Visual Arts Scotland show and has also been selected as part of the Craft Scotland Summer Show Exhibition. This will be on during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, located at The White Stuff. Beth is on a roll as she has also been chosen as a finalist for an Etsy award in the Fashion and Accessories category, well done Beth!

Images courtesy of the artist and Lewis Matheson

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