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Artist interview 3 – Syrah Jay

FCA&C are selling some of Syrah Jay’s beautiful textile products in their online shop.

Syrah Jay (aka Sarah Jacobs) is a Jewellery/Textile Designer based near St Andrews, Fife.  All of her work is made by hand from 100% wool, and then embroidered by hand too. Virtually every piece of jewellery she makes is unique and special.

We met up with Syrah Jay to ask her more about her work and what she plans to do next.

What’s your background and what inspired you to become a textile designer?

I trained in printed textiles, screen printing etc. From a young age I have always enjoyed crafts from cross stitch, embroidery quilting, knitting, weaving and all kinds of printing- the list goes on.

How would you describe your customers?

People who like to make a statement and are not afraid to be individual.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?

I love to make my felt bead jewellery as no two pieces are the same so I never get bored of making them.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

Being able to teach my skills to others, I really enjoy teaching.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I am hoping to take the next step towards exhibiting at trade fairs such as Origin or Top Drawer and taking my business to the next level.

Thank you.

Syrah Jay Mini Thistle Pin;  available from FCA&C's online shop @ £5.50

Syrah Jay Mini Thistle Pin; available from FCA&C's online shop @ £5.50

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