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Farlin – opportunity for Fife craft artists and poets

Call for Interest

Shetland-Fife Poetry & Craft Project

Organised by Shetland Arts and Fife Contemporary Art & Craft in collaboration with StAnza: Scotland’s International Poetry Festival.


a communal container of herring

= a unifying resource of work and nourishment

8 poets and 8 makers from Shetland and Fife will exchange pieces of work: each will then produce a piece (or pieces) in response to the piece they have received.

Each poet will have a partner who is a maker:  Fife makers will partner Shetland poets and Shetland makers will partner Fife poets.

Provides opportunity to explore new ideas: to explore your own creativity and the creativity of another artist, through communication and by experiencing their work, allowing them to experience yours.

Experience, communication, exploration, exchange and nourishment – a virtual creative community across the seas.

Using: post, skype, email, phone and social networking.

Contacts for application information:



Deadline for applications:  Monday 29 August 2011

Selection to be made by Monday 12 September 2011

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