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Wishes from the Chinese Wishing Tree

Now that the dust has settled a little after taking down the wonderful Lanwei photographic show, we’ve had time to go through the 80 or so wishes that were left attached to the Chinese Wishing Tree in St Andrews Museum’s activity room.  You might be surprised to know that only a small handful of these had anything to do with wishes for wealth – the vast majority were wishes of good health, happiness and love for other people – aw!  Maybe we don’t live in such a self-centred world after all.  Read on below to share them…

Chinese Wishing Tree, photo Chris Park

Chinese Wishing Tree, photo Chris Park

I wish for a new toy

I wish for K’s love for always

For me to be cool

I wish for a butterfly

I wish for P’s leg to get better

I hope to be healthy and happy in life

I wish the bees are happy and make honey for me and winnie the poo

Happy New Year mummy

I wish to find a lovely Scottish gent

I wish for a puppy

I wish I wish I wish for more wishes and a very red tree

Dance The Night Away, Live Your Life, and Stay Young on the Flooooor

Je souhaite devenir aussi classe que Oddjob

I wish my husband would find a job

I wish for health & happiness

Happy New Year to everyone

I wish for a scooter

More (love)

I wish for lots of interesting jobs this year

I wish for a puppy

Another day as good as this one

I wish I could fly

Kung hei fat chow

I wish I could write as well as Michael Morpurgo

I wish my mum had a beige cocker spaniel for her birthday

I wish for world peace

I wish my dolls could talk

I wish my Granny lived with me

I wish I could work faster

I wish all my family and friends have a healthy 2011

I wish Hearts could win the League

World Peace

I wish I had an elephant

I wish for the next day to be as good as the last

I wish for vague direction, yet with multiple paths to contentment

I wish for a kitten

I wish I were a butterfly

I wish for all my 4 children to have total happiness in their lives

To Daddy, wishing you all the love in the world

I wish for 1 million wishes

I wish health and happiness worldwide

I only have 15 years till the kids go away – Freedom

I wish you a merry xmas

I wish I wish I wish I had my cat back

I wish my family happily ever after

I wish for my family and friends to have all they wish for in 2011

I wish for love and hope

I wish for more kinds of glitter pens

I wish for health and happiness

I hope and wish for a new car soon that starts

To have the craic

World Peas!

I wish for all of my family to have a happy, healthy life

I wish for all my beautiful family from Australia to come & visit me in Scotland.

May they have a prosperous harvest this year.

I wish that people will speed things up

I wish that time would slow down

I wish I would win at the Bingo

I wish for my mum to win the Lottery

Look forward

Lots of money

I wish that J still loves me next year

I wish 4 H to love me

I wish for a well and happy world

I wish I wish to be happy

Health, wealth and happiness for me and my family

I wish to always remember how lucky I am

A good cup of tea

I wish the rain will stop for today

Spiritual awakening

I wish for a happy year

I wish to be happy

I wish I can fly

I wish I could think of a wish

I wish I had a flying unicorn cat and an electric eel

I wish to get the job

Friends and time to spend with them

I wish for a nice lunch

I wish for a puppy

I wish I could get a STAR

I wish for less glitter

I wish spring would hurry and summer linger

I wish for a job this year and good fortune

I wish my children a beautiful, happy and healthy life

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