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If you visited our recent ‘Causing Chaos’ exhibition in St Andrews Museum, you may have also visited the activity room next door and noticed a large drawing being made on the back wall.  Visitors were asked to contribute a sketch of their favourite item in the exhibition as part of the national Big Draw 2010 event during October.  Read on to find out whose work was the favourite!

Hans Stofer’s ‘Emmental’ clearly rung a bell with a couple of visitors who couldn’t resist adding a mouse to their drawing!  His ‘Off Balanced’ work also received a drawing complete with a red apple as depicted in the publication cover pic.  Shari Pierce’s necklaces were drawn a couple of times, including a lovely collaged version of the black one with tubes and chains, using black wool and paper.  Claire Barclay’s elegant brass bowls were also picked out.  But by far the favourite piece overall was Siobhan Hapaska’s ‘Safe’, her sculpture of a coconut embedded in a fibreglass shell.  Judging by the range of drawings, this appealed to a wide age range.

Thanks to all our budding artists who enlivened the activity room wall for all our visitors to enjoy.  More pics uploaded to our Facebook page, so take a look!

Drawing of Siobhan Hapaska 'Safe' on activity room wall

Drawing of Siobhan Hapaska ‘Safe’ on activity room wall

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