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Symposium satisfaction

Thanks to all our speakers and participants who turned out for FCA&C’s Causing  Chaos symposium on Saturday.  The sun shone for Roddy Mathieson’s excellent pewter casting workshop at St Andrews Museum and enabled everyone to have a pleasant trot down the hill afterwards to hear the speakers in the Gateway Building.

Richard Slee kicked off the proceedings there, followed by lunch, then a talk by Jane Simpson about her work before a quick tea break, then into a 45 minute panel discussion about some of the Causing Chaos exhibition themes.  Richard and Jane were joined for this by fellow exhibitors Shari Pierce, Estela Saez Vilanova and Hans Stofer, and exhibition curator and artist Claire Barclay.  They were ably chaired by Laura Hamilton of the Collins Gallery.

I could fill up a lot of space telling you what was said and commented on, but I won’t!  Graeme Campbell of Channel Fife was there with his camera and filmed the full day and we’ll shortly have his results online.  But suffice to say, we’ve had very positive feedback so far with requests for more!  We’ll see what we can do!  (More on the exhibition on our website and check our Facebook page for a gallery of images).

Roddy Mathieson's Alchemy workshop getting started

Roddy Mathieson's Alchemy workshop getting started

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    1. Very glad you enjoyed the day and that’s a great piece you’ve written about it on your blog. In fact, if you could email me the photos, that would be great – the ones of the pour are excellent, really show off how it was done.

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