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Installation of Causing Chaos underway

It’s all started – the long awaited installation of the Causing Chaos show in St Andrews Museum.  I think I know all the work by heart now, I’ve been looking at their images for so long!  So, here’s a wee taster of what’s going on.

Today it’s just moving these beautiful coloured MDF plinths (with gorgeous waxy finishes) around till they’re in the right places and condition reporting the artworks before moving them into place.  Exciting stuff seeing it all come together!  Opens on Friday night at 6pm, so it’ll be all up by then!  (If you’re really eagled eyed, you’ll be able to spot Claire, Diana, Marion and Anton amongst the plinths!)

Full info about the exhibition, workshops, free tour, and symposium on FCA&C’s website.

Installation of Causing Chaos exhibition

Installation of Causing Chaos exhibition

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