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Alec Finlay Birdboxes in the Botanics

If the school holidays are starting to drag a bit now, you could do a lot worse than pay a visit to  St Andrews Botanic Garden.

Situated in the Canongate, they have a wonderful array of flowering plants, shrubs and trees plus a range of fabulous greenhouses to visit (especially good if it rains!).

If you’re particularly vigilant, you can also look out for a series of special birdboxes that were made with artist-writer Alec Finlay for his ‘Home to a King (3)’ project in tandem with FCA&C and the StAnza Poetry Festival.  On each nestbox is painted a poetic clue to the name of the kind of tree the box is situated in.  There are 6 nestboxes and the clues are:

1 Recite a Spenser poem (5)

2 A popular chorus (5)

3 I dream a pleasantry (5)

4 The winds sweep ineffable music (4)

5 Waving sublimely in the wind (4)

6 Was Basho a koi lover (3)

You can also pick up a free card at the entrance to the Botanic Garden which gives you these clues.  More information about the project can be found on the Programme page of FCA&C’s website.  Full details about St Andrews Botanic Garden can be found on their website.

Alec Finlay birdbox; photo Alexander Maris

Alec Finlay birdbox; photo Alexander Maris

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