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Scrap Exchange Challenge – nearly there!

Here’s the latest views of the Scrap Exchange Challenge exhibition – a project kicked off at our last Artists’ & Makers’ Forum in April whereby participants brought along a shoebox of their scrap materials to swap randomly with other artists (the easy bit), and then went home to create an artwork out of what they got (the not-so-easy bit!).

Views of the Scrap Exchange Challenge exhibition

Views of the Scrap Exchange Challenge exhibition

There are 19 artists in the show, from right across Fife and beyond, and the comments and descriptions of what they’ve made shows how much thought and effort has gone into this.  It could’ve been such a flop if those participating hadn’t really been bothered but it looks so CREATIVE!  Well done and thanks to Lainy Allison, Jenny Barker, Anton Beaver, Sheena Berry, Pat Bray, Hazel Darwin-Edwards, Jean Duncan, Nicola Glennie, Liz Harvey, Susie Imber, Mary Johnston, Margaret Lappin, Marianna Lines, Lynne McKellar, Evie Milo, Maureen Sangster, Dot Sim, Lorraine Smith, and Angie Turner.

Captions etc still to be put up but the exhibition should be open for viewers properly by tomorrow (9 July) and will be on display in the foyer of St Andrews Town Hall until Thursday 16 September – plenty of time to pay it a visit!  The Town Hall foyer is open Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm and sometimes at weekends if there is an event on.

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    1. Yes, it just goes to show how much a creative mind can use almost any material to make something. We had no idea if people would really be interested in this, but all the participants have picked up the gauntlet! Hope you manage to pay it a visit.

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