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Scrap Exchange Challenge exhibition coming soon

There are some people who would say that our office always looks like this – stuff heaped up high with staff members lost amongst the bits and pieces.  And to a certain extent, we do keep a rather ‘full’ office.  But there’s a good reason for this eclectic pile – it’s the gathering together of the Scrap Exchange Challenge artworks!

At our last Artists’ & Makers’ Forum in April, a band of noble artists brought shoeboxes crammed with oddments of their scraps to swap randomly with their fellow artists.  With the theme of the Forum being ‘sustainability’, the idea was to make an artwork out of some (or all) of the box contents without buying any materials for it.  They could add to the scraps with materials of their own.  And so the Challenge was born!

Scrap Exchange Challenge artworks

Scrap Exchange Challenge artworks

Two and a half months later and it’s been an exciting time here at FCA&C HQ, watching the finished work arrive – everything from imaginative (shoe)box constructions to jewellery, to 2D framed work, sculpture and more.  It think it’s going to be an interesting show and will highlight again how imaginative the artists of Fife and its environs are.  More next week once the hang begins….

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