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Good requests at FCA&C HQ

Life is seldom dull at FCA&C Towers and often it’s quite hilarious!

Sitting in our little office in St Andrews Town Hall, we get regular queries from the public about all kinds of things, many of them not art related!  We thought we’d share them with you and will update this page regularly!

So far, several of us have been called upon to act as last minute witnesses at weddings upstairs in the Burgh Chambers.  We also get asked frequently how to register marriages, births and deaths (not here, I’m afraid).  Here are a few of our best gems…

– I want to start a violin group.

– Have you seen a Japanese gentleman?

– I’d like to get my electric blanket tested.

– Query about someone’s ancestral grave.

– Do you have any Mauchline ware?

– Finding a picnic site for 40 foreign students who’d read the St Andrews map and thought that Queen’s Gardens (our address) contained a public garden (it doesn’t).

– Can we borrow a giant teapot?

– Is this the Federation of Chartered Accountants?

– Can I get the meals on wheels tickets?

– I’ve come to find binbags

– Where’s the blood donating?

– Can I get Royal Wedding party tickets here?

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