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Learn about the Fife Diet Project this Sunday

If you’ve ever felt guilty about buying so-called ‘fresh’ food from far flung parts of the globe, here’s a possible antidote.

Come along to FCA&C’s  HOTPOT exhibition in St Andrews Museum this Sunday from 1-2pm and listen to/join in with  artist Alex Wilde in discussion with Mike Small of the Fife Diet Project, as part of her ‘A Fertile Ground’ project.  The aim of the Fife Diet Project is to raise awareness about thinking globally by eating locally, ie try and source as much of your daily diet from local producers as possible.  This of course also means being aware of what is available seasonally.  Have a look at their website and you can see that their remit is much wider than just Fife – lots of interesting articles including a particularly ‘tasty’ one about dodgy beef!

So, a highly thought-provoking discussion – and a free bowl of soup made by Alex – not a bad way to spend a Sunday lunchtime at all!  Book your (free) place by phoning St Andrews Museum (tel 01334 659380).

'A Fertile Ground' - Alex Wilde

'A Fertile Ground' - Alex Wilde

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